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Service Discovery

What Is Service Discovery?

Service Discovery is a feature that allows you to view the services running on any Linux based server. 

How To Access Service Discovery

  1. From the main Overview page, select 'Discovery' > 'Service Discovery'Service_Discovery.png

  2. Click on 'Manage Credentials' then 'Add Credentials' for the server(s) that you wish to see the services of

  3. Enter the details in the below window and a description so you know which server(s) they belong to in case these change in the future
  4. Click on the Service Discovery tab where you will need to run Discovery by clicking the button in the top right.


  5. Then select the subnet(s) you want to run Service Discovery on and click Ok
  6. You will see the servers begin to populate. To view the details click 'Properties'

  7. Click on 'Software Components' and you will see the following screen
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