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How to Deploy Faddom

To deploy the Faddom appliance in your environment, you have three options - in VMware via an OVA that we supply, via AWS Marketplace, or in other environments on a Windows server using an installer that we provide. For the full guides see Deployment Guides


For a full list of pre-requisites please visit our Installation Prerequisites guide. A brief outline is below

For Faddom to receive data, you need to have network traffic data via NetFlow, sFlow, or another method. You can refer to the below guides to set this up before deployment. For Faddom to receive the data you should check our What ports need to be open for Faddom to function? guide to ensure the correct NetFlow/IPFIX/sFlow ports are opened.

For a full list of ways to perform data capture please see our Capture Options guide for a full list of options.

NetFlow (VMware/Nutanix)

sFlow (Hyper-V)

If you are deploying Faddom in a Hyper-V environment, you will need to capture the data via sFlow. You can refer to our guide Hyper-V sFlow Configuration for instructions

For an explanation of the different settings, along with our recommendations for best results, you can refer to our guide on Recommended sFlow settings

If you cannot set NetFlow or sFlow (e.g. lack of access to NetFlow/sFlow, security etc.) at a network level, you can deploy an sFlow agent on each machine to send the data. Please refer to our guide on Capturing network traffic using agents


Deployment Guides

For a quick and easy setup please refer to the below easy-to-use guide to deploy Faddom in your environment in minutes - 


Deploying Faddom in a VMware environment

Nutanix (Linux)

Deploying Faddom in a Nutanix Environment

AWS (Linux)

Deploying Faddom through the AWS Marketplace

Azure (Linux)

How To Deploy Faddom via Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Windows Guide - Azure/Hyper-V/Others

Deploying Faddom on a Windows Server

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