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Anomaly Detection


Faddom can advise you of any anomalous network activity or connections on a per-server and port basis. This allows you to get real-time alerts of any potential issues with network traffic to enable you to be proactive in responding to a potential problem. To set this up and receive alerts you need to do the following - 

  1. From any screen, you left-click on the server and select Anomalies from the Properties panel
  2. You will be taken to the next screen where you need to select the port
  3. Once you select the port you will be presented with three graphs
    Total Traffic  - This is the total amount of traffic for the particular port, both inbound and outbound
    Connections - This is the total number of connections for the particular port on the server
    Connection Resets - This is where a connection unexpectedly drops

  4.  Click on Alarm Settings to set up the alarms

  5. You to choose one of three Alarm Types and the values. By clicking on the button highlighted in red, you set the default values determined by Faddom
    • Constant Value - Set a constant allowed minimum and maximum value
    • Simple Range - This alerts on values that exceed the normal usage based on the average
    • Smart Range - This alerts on values that exceed normal usage based on average and standard deviations
    • Default - This alert is based on values determined by Faddom and will alert you on extreme deviations from normal usage
  6. Toggle the button on the right to turn the alarm on or off. 

  7. Set the desired values for the chart(s) you want the alarm for

  8. Once set, you will see the graph change as you amend the numbers. The line represents the data, the solid color represents the values you selected, and the light color is anything outside your range.

  9. Once this is set, you can then repeat the process for each port and server you need

  10. You can see the list of all defined anomaly rules under Settings > Anomaly Detection

  11. You can see the list of all the alerts that are currently open by navigating to the Notifications  > Notifications tab. 

    You can see more information on this in our Notifications and Alerts guide, as well as information on how to configure alerts 
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