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Release Notes Highlights - v2022.4

New Getting Started Screen

Faddom has improved the initial setup and data sources configuration to help make our quick & easy installation process even faster and simpler!

The top improvements include the following:

  • New offline activation process (see below)
  • Guided data source configuration Faster emails & alerts setup right from the start
  • Quicker time to value - Faddom will show you a quick summary for everything that was discovered



New Faddom Dashboard

Faddom has a completely new dashboard experience that will allow you to have a single screen to see and analyze information to conduct a quick call-to-action.

The dashboard includes the following components:

Recent Updates

  • Check in with Faddom every morning to see what has changed in your environment for example:

    • Which New VMs were created/deleted
    • New switches that were added/removed


    • Will indicate any failing connections
    • Subnet & traffic anomalies

    Application Changes

    • Indication of the number of changes since the last saved baseline


    • Detect Shadow IT servers & SSL certificates expiration


    • Share Right-Sizing recommendations

    Application Maps

    • A list of your application maps and when they were last edited.



Settings Screen Improvements

We have made the setting screen much more simple to navigate and find the required fields easily


Improved Offline Installation

  • Offline installation is now easier than ever -
    • Use a visualized QR code that can be scanned from any mobile device (alternatively - you can use a dedicated link from the Faddom UI)
    • Auto-direct to a dedicated landing page to activate your license
    • Get the activated license to your email within seconds.





Personal Captain Assistant

The Faddom Captain is your new personal assistant and will be able to help you with the following:

  • Suggest contextual based articles per screen
  • Search the knowledge base
  • Direct access to open support tickets / feature requests



ServiceNow Out-of-the-Box Integration

With ServiceNow integration, Faddom will be able to provide you with the following:

  • Automatically raise an incident in ServiceNow with all the necessary details of any incident affecting your environment per the criteria set.
  • The integration will populate the CMDB database with your application maps and any servers not already showing.

All the above will help to reduce the user’s response and investigation time as Faddom will tell you which server(s) and application(s) have been affected.

To set the criteria and integrate Faddom notifications into ServiceNow please follow the Notifications guide. 

To setup CMDB integration please follow the ServiceNow CMDB Integration




AWS & Azure Performance Collection

Faddom is able to collect performance metrics for AWS & Azure VMs. This will allow you to view CPU usage in Faddom for these servers.


sFlow Traffic Generator for Windows

Faddom can now support customers who either do not have access to NetFlow/sFlow (on Windows-based servers), or that Host sFlow does not solve this as it can only send sFlow traffic for Linux hosts.

To collect sFlow traffic from a Windows server, you may use the Faddom sFlow generator tool. This tool is a lightweight agent that can be installed on a Windows server and will send sampled flow data over the sFlow protocol.

Check the article for more info - Capturing network traffic using agents



SNMPv3 is Now Supported for Mapping Routers & Switches

As some organizations prefer to use SNMPv3 because it’s a more secure protocol, this is now supported in Faddom.


Auto-Discovery Update for Network Discovery

Scheduled auto-update for network discovery to run every 24h without the need to discover manually each time.


External IP Addresses Count Fix - SW Components

From now on, public internet servers will not be counted in the Software Components view.


Server-Subnet Discovery

Faddom is now able to collect the subnet that is configured for each server (via server properties).

In addition, it’s now possible to see all the servers in a defined subnet directly from Settings > Discovery Scope



Automated Discovery Filter Suggestion

Faddom is now able to make suggestions automatically on recommended filters for a map.

Our suggestions are part of building/editing maps and can be accessible at any time directly from Settings > Discovery Filters.



Subnet Dependencies - Export

New option to conduct export of subnet dependencies directly from the Faddom UI



Customization of Multiple Connections Between Two Servers

Now you can customize a maximum number of separate connections to be displayed between two servers before they are collapsed into a single line.

It is possible to make this customization through Settings → Global Parameters → Maximum number of Displayed Connections



Import Custom Values Into the Display

The custom field import capability will allow importing content into the display name field.


Add Local Date & Time to Appear by Default

Local date & time format will appear by default


Location & Zoom Caching for Maps

Now when moving between screens, Faddom will remember the location & zoom level for each map until the next session.


Export Interfaces and Routes to XLSX Format - Network Topology


Improved saved search query

We improved the Save Query option from the Search tab. From now on, saving a search query will also save it as a Baseline.

This will improve saved map visibility since no new connections will appear right after saving a query.

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