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Release Notes Highlights - v2024.1

🛡️ Top New Features

Subnet Dependencies - 2.0

We have completely redesigned our Subnet Dependencies Screen with an improved flow and functionalities.

  • Get eye in the sky overview of your entire topology from the subnet level.
  • Organize your subnets into groups, such as DMZ, LAN, PROD etc and see the dependencies on the group level.
  • Define policies on allowed traffic cross subnets and get alerted for any policy violation.


List View for Maps - Enhanced Server List

We've incorporated a new feature that lets you switch to a list view option for servers to simplify navigation. This also comes with the added advantage of being able to view servers with events directly from the list, and even customize the columns you wish to include.

List view.gif


Enhanced Navigation for Server Events

We're excited to introduce an enhanced way to focus on servers with events. Easily navigate and manage server events directly from the map, allowing you to quickly identify and resolve issues within your business applications. This streamlined focus ensures efficient management of critical events, keeping your infrastructure secure and operational.


Setting Up Traffic Policies for External Servers

Define and manage policies for your detected external traffic. This enhancement is designed to give you more control over your Attack Surface.

  • You can set an allowed policy based on detected connections, or from scratch. By setting a policy, you can be notified of any abnormal or potentially harmful activity.
  • Policies can be set separately for either incoming or outgoing traffic. This level of control means that you can detect not just the traffic that enters your network but also the traffic that leaves it.



Selective Map Updates

Selectively add updates to the baseline and filter out irrelevant changes from the map. This feature helps you manage numerous updates efficiently, ensuring your map remains focused and relevant.



Notifications Settings - An Enhanced Method for Setting Up Notifications

We have redesigned our Notifications Settings capabilities to be more user-friendly and straightforward.

  • You can now conveniently establish Notification Channels such as email, SNMP, Webhooks for push notifications, and ServiceNow integration. This allows your CMDB to be updated with Faddom and populates our maps within ServiceNow.
  • Easily set up your Notification Channels and select the desired categories and types for which you want to receive notifications.



Maps: Add Specific Incoming/Outgoing Connections to Map

Click on each node to display incoming/outgoing connections. A right-click on the connection will provide an "Add to Map" option.

add to maps.gif


🆕 Additional New Features

Application Maps & Adv. Search: Multi-Select Option for Tags

Conducting an “Advanced Search” for server you can now specify multiple option for each field.

For example: CPU Core Counts: 2, 4.



Application Maps: Add Tags to Your Business Application Maps

You now have the ability to add custom tags to your application maps. You can use this for specifying owners, linking to documentation or anything you may want to include. To create your own tags, simply navigate to the create/edit map function and add these tags. You can view the added tags directly from the application map screen once added.

Application Custom Tag (3).gif


Azure VNET Flow Logs Support

We have added support for the newly released Virtual Network (VNet) flow logs, in addition to our existing support for Network Security Group (NSG) flow logs. The new feature allows the discovery of all traffic in an Azure subscription, even when NSGs are not in use.


SSL Certificates: Capture the Data of Which Client is Using the SSL Certificate

A new option to display which clients are actively utilizing an SSL certificate. This enhancement aims to provide more detailed visibility and tracking, thus allowing for improved management and oversight of SSL certificate usage.



Improved Software Discovery - Troubleshooting

When running a Software Discovery test, you can now select which credentials you would like to use, and receive real time output of the discovery process. This will help to streamline your software data collection setup.



My Account Screen - Redesign

A complete redesign of the 'My Account' screen now provides essential information such as:

  • Improved view of license utilization
  • Separate and simpler access to logs

my account.png


Advanced Search - Option to Set Global Filters as Default

We've included an extra parameter in the 'Search' category of Global Parameters. This allows you to decide whether the search function should include or exclude the "Global Filter" in the search results by default, eliminating the need to manually check or uncheck the checkbox within the search option.


ASN Groups - Improvement

Automatically update public IP database ones a week.


Notifications: Resolved items now display a timestamp

We've improved the timestamp presentation for resolved items. Now, it includes the full date and time for better clarity and understanding.

Notifications 2.gif


Notifications - Enable the sending of connection failure alerts for specific connections only

This feature allows you to define a subscription to receive connection failure alerts, but only for specific connections. Source, target, and port can now be specified.



Sensor Deployment - VM Override Rules Switched to VM Host Rules

We have updated our deployment rules to enhance the flexibility of our sensors. Previously, our sensors were restricted from migrating to other hosts, which could potentially cause issues if a customer needed to put a host into maintenance mode. This has been addressed by implementing a VM Host rule. Now, a sensor is configured to "SHOULD" operate on a specific host, allowing it to move when that host is shut down and return when it's back up.


Application Maps: An Enhanced Client Representation

When clicking on “Clients” in a Map, you will see all the detected clients from the past 24 hours with the ability to distinguish which of them is currently “Active”.



Investigate - Enabled Sharing Investigate View with Additional Users



Maps - Added an Option to Disable "Auto Save Layout”

We have now added a checkbox in the Maps → Settings menu, allowing users to enable or disable the "auto save layout" feature as needed.



🐞 Other Improvements

Enhanced search response for out-of-scope subnets

We've enhanced the user interface to better communicate when a search is conducted for a subnet that is defined as “not in scope”. Instead of merely displaying "no data found," the interface now matches the warning message from the backend, providing a more accurate and helpful response.


Blacklisted countries - couldn’t be loaded on Windows installations in some cases

We've resolved an issue where blacklist countries were not loading as expected in Windows installations.


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