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New Application Maps

To discover new application maps, access the New Application Maps window in one of the
following ways:

  • In the Activity Dashboard (Dashboard – Activity Dashboard in the main menu) click Discover New Application Maps.
  • In the Map window (Map in the main menu) click New-> Application Map.
  • Access the New Application Maps screen from the Discover menu.

In the New Application Maps window, the first step is to select the entry point of the
application map. An entry point is a combination of a server name or IP address and a port
number. Entry points are the server and port combinations that clients use to access an
application map. For example, the entry point to a web application will usually be the name
(or IP address) of the webserver, using port 80 for HTTP access or port 443 for HTTPS access.
Each application map has one or more entry points, through which clients connect to it and
use it. Clients can be web browsers, desktop applications, smartphone apps, or any other
type of client connecting over TCP/IP, including other application maps.
To select an entry point, either specify a combination of server and host, specify a URL, or
select from a list of proposed entry points. The New Application Maps List screen displays the
most likely application map entry points – measured by a combination of frequency,
complexity, and some other parameters. If the application map that you are looking for
does not appear in the first lines/screens, use the Search option in the upper right corner of
the screen to find it.


Use the Add button to specify/select additional entry points for the same application map.
After entry points have been selected, click Create Application Map to view the initial server
map of the new application map. The initial map displays the client's entity, the entry points,
and the servers accessed by the entry points.

To continue the creation of the server map, filter out unneeded servers and/or connections,
then click Next to proceed to the next level of the server map. This iterative process should
be repeated until the required depth has been reached or until no further servers are

You can see a video guide on creating a New Application Map below

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