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New Application Maps

Here is a video on how to Create an Application Map. Instructions on how to do this are below -


To create a new Application Map, access the New Application Maps window

  1. Go to Maps > Application Maps from the main dashboard

  2. Select New Map above the map list or create a new one in the middle of the screen

  3. You are then presented with the Create Map screen where you can select to create a map by Entry
    or Tags

      • Entry Point - This is how your users/servers access the application and is a combination of a server name or IP address, optionally with a port number. For example, an entry point to a web application will usually be the FQDN or IP address of using port 80 for HTTP access or port 443 for HTTPS access. Entry points can be with or without a port e.g. or Internal URLs can be used and will resolve to the IP address or FQDN. You can also Select from list which will display a list of servers not currently part of a map. An application may have multiple entry points (e.g. ports 80 AND 443), through which clients connect and use it. To add a second entry point click  + Add Another

      • Name - this is the unique identifier that you will use to see this particular map
      • Folder - this is where you wish to store the map, by default, it this is the Root folder but if you have created subfolders, you can select it here.
      • When you select By Tags you are presented with a dropdown where you can select any data point that Faddom has and you will see a map of all servers matching that tag/data set.
  4. After one entry point has been selected, along with any others, click Create Application Map to view the initial server map of the new application map. The initial map displays the client's entity, the entry points, and the servers accessed by the entry points

    To continue the creation of the server map, you can select Next Layer until you are satisfied with the detail or until it greys out. You can select Applied Filters on the left-hand side to view and create filters, for more information see our guide on Filters. Once you are happy with the results click on Save Map

  5. If you wish to add an additional Entry Point or change the existing Entry Point for any reason, you can select Set Entry Point

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