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What are the required vCenter permissions?

When deploying Faddom to discover a VMware vCenter-based environment, Faddom can use the VMware APIs to collect additional data on your environment.

In order to discover details on your VMware VMs and hosts, Faddom needs read-only access to the vCenter.
If you wish Faddom to deploy sensors and/or enable NetFlow automatically, you will need to add the following permissions. Once the deployment is complete, you can revert to read-only.
NetFlow (Distributed Switches Only)
  • DVSwitch.Modify
  • DVPortgroup.Modify
Sensor Deployment (All Switch Types)
  • Content Library
  • Datastore
  • dvPort
  • Host
  • vApp
  • Virtual Machine
Note Content library permissions must be given on a global level. See here for an explanation.
For details on how to give a user global permissions, see here.
Make sure that Propagate to children is selected.
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