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How to Use Migration Waves


Faddom allows you to simulate and plan a migration project to the cloud. This enables you to fully understand what servers/services you need to migrate in order to provide a seamless service. We can use this to provide you with an accurate cost of moving all or part of your infrastructure to AWS, Azure, or GCP giving you a complete picture prior to the migration.

Create a Migration Wave

Browse to the migration section in the app by selecting Migrate

Click on the plus sign to create a new migration wave, name it and click on Create.


Migration Wave Components

  • Members
    Contains the inventory of resources to migrate
  • Dependencies
    Members dependencies to applicative or infrastructure services
  • Transformations - AWS Only
    To show pricing when moving from an AWS virtual server to an AWS service
  • Pricing
    Pricing estimation for selected members

Add/Remove Members

Click on the relevant wave on the left sidebar and click on the Members tab.

Wave members can be picked by the following options:

  • Application
    Application map according to Faddom's application maps
  • Subnet
    Include all resources in a specific subnet
  • Server
    Include specific servers in the migration wave

To add members to the wave click on “Add Member” and choose the option you want to add to the wave.

To Remove members from the wave select the members in the “Members” tab and click on “Remove Selected”.


Handle Dependencies

Choose the relevant wave on the left sidebar and click on the Dependencies tab.

This tab presents the migration members dependencies by three perspectives:

Dependent Servers - services provided by migrating servers that depend on non-migrated servers.
Dependencies - non-migrated services required by the migrating servers.
Infrastructure Dependencies - Infrastructure services required by servers in the wave.

Each resource in the dependencies can be included/excluded from the migration wave by clicking on the Hide from Wave mceclip2.png or Add To Wave mceclip3.png buttons.


Review Pricing

Choose the relevant wave on the left sidebar and click on the Pricing tab.

Choose your cloud settings and click on Load to get the pricing estimation for the migration wave.


Based on your selections an estimation of the cloud spend for the migration wave will be presented, as well as wave members recommendations for cloud instance types.

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