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Notifications and Alerts

Faddom generates Notifications and Alerts for application map-related events as well as administrative events. The notifications can be viewed on the Notifications screen.


The Notifications screen is a log of alerts, showing all historic events. You can access this by clicking on the bell icon in the top right. If there are new alerts, it will display a number to indicate the amount of alerts.

At the bottom, you have a breakdown that shows you the amount of alerts based on different criteria.



Alerts advise you of changes or events that have happened recently and that you need attention. Once you have attended an alert it will disappear from this screen and will show in the Notifications screen. 

To configure notifications of Alerts, you must first define the notification channels to specify the targets and then create the various notification subscriptions.

Notifications Channels

Types of notification channels are:

  • Email for sending email alerts per Faddom notification
  • Webhooks for pushing alerts to any system you use that supports webhooks
  • SNMP for sending SNMP traps per Faddom notification
  • ServiceNow for pushing alerts and creating Incidents

View Notifications Channels:

  • Browse to Settings->Notifications->Notification Channels 
  • Each row in the Notification Channels window represents a different notification channel
  • Channel details:
    • Channel name – channel’s name
    • Channel type – Specifies the type of channel (SNMP/EMAIL)
    • Server – SNMP / Email server name/address
    • Port – Specifies the port for the notification channel

Create a Notification Channel

  • Click on New Channel

    Email Channel:

    • Choose the Email type and fill in the fields in the Quick Set Up: You can add multiple email addresses, comma-separated.


    • View your new channel:


      Webhooks Channel:

      • It is possible to push Faddom alerts to any service or system that supports webhooks, with a custom message. See Sending Notifications via Webhooks


        SNMP Channel

        • Choose the SNMP type and fill the fields:

        • View your new channel:

          ServiceNow Channel:

      Notifications Subscriptions

      View notifications subscriptions:

      • Browse to Settings->Notifications->Notification Subscriptions in Faddom UI
      • Each row in the Notification Subscriptions window represents a different notification subscription
      • Subscription details:
        • Name – subscription’s name
        • Notification type – selected notification category.
        • Application maps – optionally filter notifications by affected application maps.
        • Notification channel
        • Channel parameters – input for the notification channel 

      Create a notification subscription :

      • Click on New Subscription

      • Select the relevant notification type and match it with one of the channels
      • Set required channel parameters
      • Click  Save 
      • You will then see the new subscription on the main page
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