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What Server Properties Can I See?

Faddom can detect the properties of any server. It provides details on CPU, Memory, Hard Disk, Network, and OS. In addition, it also displays usage statistics and information on the VM instance and the host. This information is gathered from the information provided to Faddom from vCenter, Hyper-V, or other hypervisor hosts.

How To View Server Properties

There are several ways to access the server properties - 

  1. From the Search bar by clicking on Properties

  2. From a map by left-clicking on the server

  3. By clicking on the Properties icon from a list view

  4. When looking at a map in list view and clicking on the highlighted server

Once selected, you will be presented with the below screen. If there are no details then the option is greyed out.

What Properties Do I See?

  • General - This is basic information about the server such as hostname, IP address, subnet, and OS information
  • Server Resources -This is information on the resources available on the server CPU, RAM, and disk of the server
  • Performance Data - This is information and usage statistics on the CPU, RAM, and disk of the server
  • Platform Details - This shows you information about the hyper-visor the server is on such as its VMware UID, host details, VM name, etc.
  • Installed Software - If set up, this will list the software and version installed on a server. For details on using this feature, see our Service Discovery guide
  • Related Maps - This will list the maps that the server is a member of
  • Custom Tags - This is where you will see the information if you have set up Custom Tags
  • SSL Certificates - You will see the SSL certificate used by the server here if using full traffic capture
  • Events - Any event that involves this server would be displayed here e.g. SSL certificate expiry, Anomaly Detection etc.
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