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Installation Prerequisites

Follow these requirements to install Faddom successfully:


Software Prerequisites:

Deployment types:

  1. On a Windows server (2012 and up) – either virtual or physical
  2. Deploying the Linux-based Faddom Server VA (Virtual Appliance)
    to a VMware Server

Hardware requirements:

  Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
CPU Dual CPU/Dual-core CPU 8 CPUs/cores
Memory (RAM) 4GB RAM 8GB RAM
Disk 10GB free disk space 40GB free disk space


Network Prerequisites:

Follow the requirements based on your preferred deployment type:

  • NetFlow/sFlow mode
    NetFlow should be configured either at the switch/router level or on the VMware vSwitch.
    The NetFlow traffic should be directed to the IP address of the Faddom Server/Sensor, any port can be used (all incoming traffic is captured).
    Supported NetFlow versions: 5, 6, 7, 9, IpFix.
    View Configure Netflow in VMware guide.

    Note: For NetFlow-only deployments, a single server setup can be used, without a separate sensor. A separate sensor is supported is required.
    It is also possible to configure multiple NetFlow statistics outputs, from separate networks to the Faddom Server/Sensor host, using multiple network cards.

  • ESX mode
    The Faddom Sensor Virtual Appliance should be deployed to each ESX Server, and connected to a port group configured with promiscuous mode.
    The recommended hardware requirements are
         - Dual CPU/dual-core
         - 1GB RAM
         - 100MB free disk space

    View Configure a vSwitch with promiscuous mode.
  • Faddom Sensor
    Supported Operating Systems:
    - Windows 2008/2012/2016 Servers
    - Windows 7/8/10
    - RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 and up (other Linux flavors are supported as well, please contact Faddom support for details)

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