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Custom Tags

Custom Fields allows you to add your own data to servers and applications. This includes, but is not limited to, details such as point of contact, contact details, location, team etc. This is especially useful for important applications/servers to add details that may not have be documented elsewhere. First you create your custom fields, then you can upload the data using a CSV format or by manually entering the details per application/server. To do this you can do the following - 

  1. Click Settings icon

  2. Select Data Import menu then select Custom Tags

  3. To add a custom field click New

  4. Add in the details of the field. You have a drop-down to select
    Display Name - Name displayed on the screen
    Tag Name - The name of the tag
    - Text/Link/JSON
    Default Value - If you want a default value entered, 
    Then click OK to save

  5. Repeat this process to add multiple fields

  6. Once you  have added all the fields you want, you can import the data via CSV. To do this click on the CSV Import tab

  7. In the CSV file, one of the columns must be specified as the Key column that will identify the server to which you are setting the details. Then for each additional column, you can select which custom field to map the values in the column to.


  8. After updating the mappings, click Import at the bottom to save the data and you will see the status of the upload in the bottom 


  9. Once completed, you will be able to see the details in the  Custom Tags screen of the server properties. Additionally, you by clicking Mange Tags or Import Tags, it will go to the relevant page
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